Lily, Young Person

“Before I came to the group I didn’t really feel anything, but now I’m a lot happier.”

I heard about The Proud Trust through my mum, who supported me into going to the Oldham group. I wanted to attend to meet new people who are similar to me. I struggle with friendships and mental health in general but when I’m at the group I’m a lot happier and I feel a lot more wanted.

I’ve been going to Youth Out In Oldham for just over two months now and we’ve done sessions on things like sex and relationships, education, green spaces and Black History Month. My favourite things about the group are all the people who attend and all the activities we do — most particularly the game ‘G’day Bruce’!

We’ve gone over lots of things in the group that I had already encountered, as I’m 17 and at college, but I have learned more about several things, particularly about racism. I’ve also realised that I am pansexual whilst I’ve been attending the group.

I honestly love coming to group and don’t know what I’d improve about it. I wouldn’t recommend the group to LGBT+ people I know outside of it but that’s only because all my other LGBT+ friends and acquaintances live far away. If I knew other LGBT+ young people closer to Oldham then I would definitely recommend the group.

The group feels important because it gives me a better understanding of the variety of experiences LGBT+ people can have, and gives us all a better idea of LGBT+ history, which we don’t learn elsewhere; of how far people have come and, yet, how people can still, for instance, be killed as a result of LGBT-phobia.

I think The Proud Trust is amazing as it is and I wouldn’t change anything.

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