Our response to the Tavistock judicial review

by Ashleigh Talbot, Trans Social Action Coordinator at The Proud Trust

We are shocked and saddened to see the High Court’s judgement on access to puberty blockers for young trans people has ruled on the side of transphobia and misinformation. We echo the comments and concerns of Mermaids UK’s statement, and agree that in every respect, this judgement is a betrayal of trans young people and their families.

Much has been made in the judgement of puberty blockers being an “experimental” or “innovative” treatment, despite blockers being used for decades to treat precocious puberty in cis children as young as six years old. In other countries in Europe, and in particular in the Netherlands, puberty blockers have also been prescribed to trans youngsters for decades, with a wealth of scientific data supporting their safety and efficacy. Puberty blockers are neither experimental nor innovative, and to see that the High Court has used this scaremongering language in its judgement […]