Volunteer For Us

We have a long tradition of volunteers who have contributed to our work.  The nature of volunteer roles depends upon the programme, specific circumstances and the volunteer themselves.

Examples of volunteer roles include:

  1. Short term volunteers for a specific event or project
  2. Placement volunteers to carry out a research or developmental role
  3. Long term volunteers who may coordinate larger projects, help run youth clubs or programmes for the organisation
  4. Trustees who govern the organisation

Volunteer tasks will vary depending upon the project but could include the following:

  • Youth work
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Training and facilitating groups
  • Producing resources and research papers
  • Administration
  • IT, website and multi-media work
  • Mentoring
  • Working on programmes e.g. allotment, café etc
  • Supporting residential trips
  • Representing us at events

To enquire about volunteering opportunities please fill in our enquires form

Placement opportunities at the Proud Trust

The Proud trust accepts college and university level placement student. There are a variety of opportunities to develop as an individual and as a future professional. As a placement student you will be given roles with responsibility but you will always have supervisor who you can turn to for advice and guidance. The Proud Trust has many venues so, as a placement student you may be expected to travel between the different venues we have.

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