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The Proud Trust is now operating digitally, as we make significant changes to how we operate in this time of international concern.

All youth groups and 1-1s (face-to-face contact) are not running in their usual venues and are being delivered virtually instead.

Our LGBT+ Centre is closed, but in the interim period we're running a Virtual LGBT+ Centre. Details of upcoming events with how to book can be found here.

Our face to face training is also postponed, but some courses have moved virtual. Information on upcoming virtual training, can be found here.

Youth workers will be sending out Google Hangout links for our group work and 1-1 support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are still here for you and all LGBT+ young people.

Please share this with young people or colleagues where relevant.


Welcome into the secret world of young lesbian, bisexual and pansexual women

— Press Release Starts: Embargoed until 20th April 2020 —

Whilst most of us are indoors at the moment, many people are discovering new podcasts or listening to podcasts for the first time.

Two youth organisations, The Young Women’s Health Project and The Proud Trust have teamed up to provide this fresh look at young lesbian, bisexual and pansexual women’s (LBP) lives, through a series of podcasts made by young women.

Ever wondered how autistic young lesbians work out their sexuality and gender?

Ever thought about what it’s like to try and come out as a lesbian in a Bengali family?

Ever considered what women-only spaces mean to young lesbian, bi and pansexual women?

Inspired by BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Listening Project’ these unique, intimate conversations, are a rare window into young LBP women’s lives in all their colourful complexities of faith, race, disability, family and friendship.

Young women and their youth workers from across the North West went away together on a residential trip back in October to create these podcasts, and explore what it means to be a young LBP woman today. What they created is a DIY style of fresh, joyful conversations and articulate insights.

One young woman said:

“We want people across the UK to listen to these podcasts. They are aimed at a world where young lesbian, bisexual and pansexual women’s lives, our lives, remain largely invisible. We wanted to share our lives and these experiences to create visibility and understanding, and to show other LBP women that they are not alone. We are here… reach out to us!”

These beautiful vignettes are being released this week in partnership with DIVA Magazine for Lesbian Visibility Week, 20th-26th April.

Access all six podcasts for free here:


—Press release ends—

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