Our Staff

The Proud Trust has a passionate and skilled staff team that reflects the diversity of the young people we work with. Please see the biographies below for more information about us all.

If you’d like to make contact with any of our staff, please use the ‘general enquiries’ form here.

The LGBT Centre Manager

My LGBT role model is: Adele Patrick, Glasgow Women’s Library

In my spare time I like to: Daydream

Contact: 07583309298

10-5pm Mon-Thurs plus in emergencies out of hours any time

I clean Sidney St Cafe twice a week.
Things I like: community journalism, critical thinking, hula hooping and peanut butter.

Strategic Director (gets in the money and goes to meetings!)

I am a lesbian, Catholic, feminist who is a great tap dancer.

I loves good food, especially from Sidney St cafe.

LGBT Role model: Audre Lorde

Favourite pastime: Finding the best lesbian/bisexual characters and plots from TV and film across the world #godblessyoutube

Contact: 07813981338

9-5.30pm daily plus emergency calls on weekends

121 Programme Manager
Favourite passtime  Sitting down. With the perfect cup of tea.
On my desert island I would need Yorkshire tea bags (tea is a theme), music and my small brown dog.
LGBT hero..all the people who fought for the freedoms we have today..and those who continue to fight.

Contact: 07889656262

Youth Work Coordinator

I’m the lead worker for Fusion and Oldham and also do outreach work in schools, colleges and youth groups.

Who would play you in a film? Queen Latifah would play me in a film because she is (or used to be more in her early music and acting days) really tough and cool!

My LGBT role model is: A film maker from Liverpool called Sandi Hughes, she is a mixed race, lesbian who has been making films about the Black LGBT community in Liverpool and the UK for years. She is in her 70s now, has amazing energy, so many great life stories and is still a raver! She is really inspiring and has lots important footage of the LGBT community.

Contact: 07519814905

10 – 4pm Mon – Fri

Outreach Youth Worker
I have many LGBT role models, so picking one is hard, although I really admire the way Ellen DeGeneres shares her worldwide platform with so many influential, inspirational and forward thinking people. People of all ages come together, enabling young people to have a voice and showcase how wonderfully strong and incredible they are. Differences are celebrated. With equality for all being something she and I both passionately believe in.
My favourite pastime is: skateboarding (especially on a warm summers evening).
If I were to be stranded on a dessert island i would take: walking boots, a watch and my ukulele.

Youth Worker

Youth Work Coordinator
I’m the lead worker for LGYM and Trafford and community fundraising. I also coordinate Creative Cafe.My LGBT role model is: Esther Roper, lesbian suffragist
In my spare time: I like hanging out with my cat and making sure I have space to be creative; drawing and experimenting with different materials.
Contact: 07712660202

Co coordinator for Ellesmere Port and Chester groups

I volunteer on Afternoon Tea, and chair the NTYN, and also drive minibuses when asked.

If you could introduce one new law what would it be? It would be good if all religions were accepting of all people.

If you were an animal, what would you be…and why? I’d be an Orca, they are majestic animals, who are intelligent and loyal creatures and travel all over the oceans.


I am the administrator for The Proud Trust. I’m also a writer, mostly of fantasy and science fiction. My LGBT role model is Clive Barker. If I were an animal, I would be a seagull.

Design and marketing

Designer, photographer, film maker, website creator.

I like ice cream, blue skies and sunshine.

I’m the coordinator for Femolition Squad, a group for young transfeminine people.
My favourite past time is tabletop games, from card games and board games to role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons! Besides my work at the Proud Trust, I’m also a scout leader, where my other past times include camping, hiking, and teaching outdoor skills. I also volunteer with Connect, a social group for 18-35 year old trans and non-binary people, and with the LGBT Foundation as a trans community leader.
My LGBT+ heroes are my peers in the LGBT+ and trans communities, who always impress me, inspire me to do more, and fill my heart with warmth.
If I was any animal I would be a swarm of bees, because they are intelligent, cooperative, and social, they have fascinating biology, but they aren’t to be messed with!

Youth Work & Peer Support Coordinator

Youth worker with Rochdale, Wythenshawe, & trans groups.  Peer support project facilitator.  Gender explorer.

Who is your LGBT role model? I have many many many LGBT role models but I’ll pick Kate Bornstein because I had the pleasure of meeting them recently and they were fabulous. They taught me that gender doesn’t have to be a battlefield, it can be the playground.

If you were an item on a draining board what would you be? If I was an item on a draining board then perhaps I’d be a spork.

Contact: 07873351702

11-2pm Mon – Fri

Sidney St Cafe Assistant

I’m a bank youth worker at any groups or events, so I could be here, there, everywhere!
If I had to describe myself in three words, I would choose, caring, odd and creative.
I love artsy things, fashion and listening to the same song, over and over again.
If I could be any kind of animal, I would choose something with lots of energy, that’s friendly and easily distracted – like a ferret.

Young Lesbian, Bisexual and Pansexual Women’s Coordinator


I have a degree in Community & Youth Work Studies and I have a special interest in the written word and performing arts.
If I was stranded on a desert Island, I would like to think I would take something practical like a knife and some matches but would probably take a pile of books, some pens and paper!
If they made a film about my life, it would have to be Whoopie Goldberg who played the adult me, maybe Letitia Wright as a younger me 🙂

Finance worker

I make sure that all money coming in and going out is monitored.

In my spare time: I like to run, ride horses and do flyball with our youngest dog.

I’m proud of: All the great work The Proud Trust is doing and the difference its making to so many young lives.

Training Manager

I coordinate and deliver our LGBT education offer, training for professionals and workshops for young people.

My LGBT role models are the young people who access our services, always so candid and willing to share their experiences – their stories keep our training and education fresh and relevant.

My perfect day happens every year, on whichever day the Eurovision Song Contest falls on! Never watched it?! Watch it – you can have a perfect day too.

Contact: 07531061777

9-5pm Mon- Fri

Operational Director

I manage all the staff who work with young people in youth and support  groups; and I help to plan the programme to meet young peoples needs.

Who would play you in a film? I’d like to play a mash up of revolutionary and inspirational women from across time and across the globe.

If you were crash landed on a desert island what 3 things would you prioritise for survival? Water, shelter, fire.

Contact: 07900680725

11-7pm daily plus emergency calls on weekend

I’m Youth Worker in Rochdale supporting, advising and just being generally cool there.

Who would play me in a film? That would probably be Jonah Hill because he’s super funny and he’s also fairly down to earth.

If I was an animal what would I be? I would be an owl for 3 reasons, number one is that the Owl is the logo of Leeds where I am from. They can fly and they can turn their heads 360 degrees!

Trans Youth Worker

I run Afternoon Tea (trans youth group) twice a month, and run our annual trans youth residential

Something I am proud of is: The Afternoon Tea youth group. It has grown so much since it started in 2012 and is now a wonderful group of young people, and a pleasure to work with.

Favourite past time: I have two. The first is playing with my two cats, the second is organising my coin collection (I am a big nerd and have over 1000!)

Contact: 07834168128

12-7pm daily

Youth Worker

Youth Worker in Oldham

I help cover a wide range of our youth group sessions and also facilitate some of the one-to-one sessions with young people.
I absolutely love the Manchester area and enjoy seeing the brilliant LGBTQ+ work that takes place here.
I’m a massive nerd and the only thing better for me than watching a good movie or TV show is if there’s good LGBTQ+ representation in there too!

I’m the coordinator for the Stockport LGBT youth group.

My LGBT hero is Maggie Nelson, an American writer. I love her because she interweaves queer theory with her own personal experience. Her books taught me so much but also made me laugh so much!

If I could introduce any law it would be global freedom of movement.

And if I was any animal I would be an otter, because they are playful, sociable and ingenious creatures – they always carry a favourite stone in their fur to help them crack into shellfish.

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