Lyndsey Bygrave

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

I post and chat on our social media platforms to let you know about how we may be able to support you, and aim to encourage a supportive online community.

My favourite past time is: Shooting a basketball at the local park with friends (rarely does it turn into a game due to lots of talking), and getting pick and mix sweets from the nearest newsagents.

My LGBT+ role model is: I love Amber from Ambers Closet YouTube channel mainly for her LGBT+, identity, sex positive and motivational videos. I also love to follow Rain Dove, who describes themselves as a ‘Gender Capitalist’ living life with the ethos ‘I am I’. They are amazing to follow on Instagram, where they regularly openly engage in conversations with people with opposing views on gender and sexuality, generally with a positive outcome!

In my spare time I like to: Eat whizzed up frozen bananas with peanut butter, dance at a Ceilidh, go camping, style hair and play Korfball…..yeah I hadn’t heard of it either…it’s a bit like a crossover between Netball and Basketball!

3:00 pm LGYM (LGBT+ Youth Group)
LGYM (LGBT+ Youth Group)
May 25 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
LGYM is a Manchester youth group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans people or those questioning their gender or sexuality who are under 25 years old. We[...]