This is How We Got Here

this is how we got here

‘This is How We Got Here’ was a project undertaken in 2005 that aimed to uncover hidden stories of LGBT+ activism and civil rights history, over the period 1960 to 2000. Throughout the project, personal, national and international stories were recalled and shared by people who had been active in education, youth work and the Manchester gay scene during that time. Stories uncovered through the project dealt with key moments in personal and collective LGBT+ activism and liberation.

The stories shared were documented by 51 young researchers aged 14-25, from LGBT+ youth clubs in Stockport, Wythenshawe and Manchester, using a wide range of exciting, educational and empowering activities.

Watch the interviews here.

Prejudice and Pride, a book of the project was published, and can be bought from the LGBT+ Centre, or from here.

Find out about the LGBT+ Centre history walking tour here.


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