Amelia Lee – Strategic Director

Amelia is The Proud Trust’s Strategic Director. She dreamed of being Prime Minister or Pope when she was young. As she grew older she learned more about discrimination and oppression, and her own sexuality. She became passionate about global LGBT+ rights, social justice and environmental issues. After studying at the University of Manchester, she completed a post graduate Diploma in Law, but was drawn more towards social enterprise in order to make a social change. She co-founded The Proud Trust 15 years ago, and continues to co-lead the organisation. She has been active in local politics and the Cooperative movement, and is active on the boards of The Empowerment People and Voluntary Youth Manchester.  She still looks forward to the day when an out lesbian becomes Pope (or Prime Minister).

Amelia’s expertise covers:

  • LGBT+ young people (trends/ developments/ research)
  • Policy and government LGBT+ changes
  • Youth Participation
  • LGBT+ work in schools
  • Running charities and social enterprises
  • Faith and LGBT+ identities
  • Trans health sector developments
  • Feminism and being trans positive (the intersection between)

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