Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

The Proud Trust is now operating digitally, as we make significant changes to how we operate in this time of international concern.

All youth groups and 1-1s (face-to-face contact) are not running in their usual venues and are being delivered virtually instead.

Our LGBT+ Centre is closed, if you want to get in touch, contact us at

Our face to face training is also postponed, but some courses have moved virtual. Information on upcoming virtual training, can be found here.

Youth workers will be sending out Google Hangout links for our group work and 1-1 support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are still here for you and all LGBT+ young people.

Please share this with young people or colleagues where relevant.

2nd December 2020

Elfin Brook

Elfin is the Spaces Coordinator at The Proud Trust and our One-to-One Case Worker, supporting LGBT+ young people in accessing education and employment, and with advocacy across a broad spectrum of issues. They also assist in the running of the Proud Futures programme. With a background in case work, community development and healthcare, Elfin thrives in helping others to identify opportunity and resolution. They’re also an avid cat lover and collector of computer game consoles from times gone by.

2nd December 2020

Ashleigh Talbot

Ashleigh is the Proud Trust’s Social Action Coordinator, working on the Trans Team. After many years of involvement in Manchester’s LGBT charities, Ashleigh has taken on this role to try and press for real change for young people. In her spare time she is a musician and artist, and is described by her girlfriend as a “chaotic lesbian witch”, but she’s not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

28th October 2020

Mitchell Porter

Mitchell is the Youth Work Coordinator for the Rochdale and Stockport LGBT+ youth groups. Prior to The Proud Trust, they gained a lot of experience working with young people, but are thrilled to be working with LGBT+ communities now! In their spare time, they enjoy playing board games and cooking food from different corners of the world.

28th October 2020

Sophie Sims

Sophie works as a Training Coordinator, specialising in delivering our trans and non-binary related training. She delivers this to young people and adults, including teachers, social workers, people in healthcare. She has years of experience working in education, and a masters degree in politics. She loves philosophy, octopuses, and rock ‘n’ roll.

28th October 2020

Aphre Powell

Aphre works as a Trans Care Navigator and is passionate about supporting and empowering young trans and non-binary people. Outside The Proud Trust, they spend their time reading voraciously, singing in a choir and experimenting with new recipes. Aphre is the proud parent of two human children and a three year old pug.

28th October 2020

Chris Fielding

Chris is a Youth Work Assistant for the Cheshire West and Chester LGBT+ youth groups. They are a third year Youth and Community Work student at university, with a vision to make a difference. They play ukulele and their favourite colour is yellow!

28th October 2020

Anais Puddoo

Anaïs is the Youth Work Assistant for the Rochdale LGBT+ youth group. In her spare time she is studying for her Masters in Psychology, and hopes to work with young people as a clinical psychologist in the future. She is originally from Mauritius, so quite naturally her happy place is the beach!

2nd October 2020

Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie is the Youth Work Manager, and supports the team of youth workers who run all of The Proud Trust’s groups across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Sarah has a background of working in arts-based youth charities, and is passionate about finding creative ways to support and empower young people. Outside of work, Sarah can often be found watching films: sometimes at the community cinema she co-runs, though more usually at home in the company of her movie-loving cat.

28th November 2019

Amy Fielder

Amy works as our LGBT+ Education Development Officer. She began teaching straight out of university and continues to teach secondary school science on her days away from The Proud Trust. Amy became particularly interested in creating a more LGBT+ inclusive curriculum after creating an LGBT+ safe space and classroom resources that celebrated diversity, whilst living in Newcastle.

23rd July 2019

Emily Doyle

Emily is the Admin Worker for the training team at The Proud Trust. Emily’s favourite things about her role are learning new things, speaking to a variety of people across different sectors and chatting with schools and partners on the Rainbow Flag Award programme. Outside of work, Emily enjoys spending time with family, her horses (though she admitted she falls off them quite often!) and going to the cinema to watch a variety of different films.

11th July 2019

Jess Bonson

Jess is the Youth Work Coordinator for the Wythenshawe LGBT+ youth group, as well as our Social Media and Marketing Assistant. Jess is a graduate of History from the University of Manchester. At groups, she can usually be found immersed in craft projects, talking about music and encouraging people to get out into the great outdoors. She enjoys learning about the rich history of LGBT+ people and rights.

11th July 2019

Judith Crichton

Judith works as the Finance Manager with The Proud Trust. She is a qualified accountant with many years of experience working in the charity sector. Working with The Proud Trust allows her to exercise her commitment to social conscience and help & support young people in the process. She loves cycling, running and anything outdoors – she’s been known to cycle from Manchester to Ellesmere Port for a meeting!

11th July 2019

Rachael Baker

Rachael is the Finance Worker for The Proud Trust. Her main priority when looking for jobs after university was to make a useful contribution to society and have a job that was really worth doing, something that this position definitely fulfils. When she’s not processing invoices, she can be found at home, baking!

11th July 2019

Kelly Stubbs

Kelly is the Youth Work Coordinator for the Cheshire West and Chester LGBT+ youth groups called “Phoenix”. She is also the Youth Work Assistant on the trans specific youth groups. She has needed time for the language and understanding of gender to develop, so that she has become able to fully express herself. She is a conceptual artist and has a long history of social campaigning, which informed her coordination of Liverpool’s inaugural Trans Pride March in 2019. Kelly is a qualified educator with loads of classroom experience, which has influenced her communal and inclusive approach.

4th March 2019

Jackie Waldrom

Jackie is a Youth Work Assistant with The Proud Trust, working across several groups. When she’s not having a good chat with young people, she’s studying for her Counselling & Psychotherapy Masters in Liverpool. Her biggest driver and passion is enabling young people to figure out and celebrate who they are! In her down-time she enjoys creating character journeys of her own, in writing novels of any genre.

10th December 2018

Liv Ouwehand

Liv is a Youth Work and Special Projects Coordinator with The Proud Trust. Working with The Proud trust unites Liv’s desire for LGBT+ community-building with plenty of opportunities to dine out on Jaffa Cakes. She loves seeing young people across The Proud Trust support one another and grow into confident self-advocates.

14th November 2018

Nice Butler-Walsh

Nice is the Youth Work Assistant on the Trafford LGBT+ youth group. Nice is passionate about food, having learnt from a young age from their dida (grandma). Outside of The Proud Trust, Nice enjoys making zines about wrestling and the perils of learning guitar with long hair.

30th May 2018

Mattie Davies

Mattie is a Youth Work Coordinator at The Proud Trust, working on the trans youth programme. Mattie is passionate about young people, wellbeing and education. They apply these value to their roles outside The Proud Trust as a scout leader, a facilitator at Manchester Museum, and a facilitator with Connect and Mxer, which are adult trans and non-binary groups.

23rd January 2018

Jack Tielemans

Jack is a Trans Health Care Navigator, creating resources to help young trans people advocate for themselves, as well as being the central administrator and IT support worker; he loves working with The Proud Trust to help create the supportive community he wished for as a young person. Outside of The Proud Trust, he is a writer and creative writing coach, with an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University, and a fan of SF/F, tattoos, and roleplaying games.

3rd October 2017

Sarah Lanchin

Youth Worker

3rd October 2017

Nichola Langton

Nichola is the Youth Work Coordinator on our Young Women’s Health Project, and is a support worker with Fusion. She is a larger-than-life character, full of love and laughter. As a local woman, Nichola embraces the lives of LGBT+ young people across Wythenshawe. Nichola strives to ensure the continual work with young lesbians, bisexual and pansexual women is fun and safe, and the young women gain a strong sense of belief and belonging. Nichola is a dedicated mother of a daughter and a proud owner of an old, blind rescue dog.

1st September 2017

Cath Hayes

Cath is the One-to-One Manager. She has worked with young people for over 30 years. Before joining The Proud Trust she worked for the NHS and volunteered with a wide range of young people focused organisations. She has always been committed to supporting and championing young people. Outside of work, Cath has a healthy obsession with her small brown terrier and enjoys terrier-type adventuring.

25th July 2016

Gordon Smith

Gordon is a youth worker who has worked in The Proud Trust since the beginning, and has worked in education and communities for over 30 years. Outside of work, he is an avid science fiction fan and includes films such as Alien, Marvel’s Endgame and Star Wars amongst his favourites. In addition, he enjoys reading and discussing philosophical topics and conspiracy theories – the truth of Area 51 is beneath our feet!

31st May 2016

Hebe Phillips

Hebe is the Youth Work Coordinator for our Manchester and Trafford LGBT+ youth groups. She also coordinates Creative Cafe. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her cat and making sure she has space to be creative, drawing and experimenting with different materials.

20th May 2016

Rachel Williams

Rachel has managed our training and education programme since 2012 and now leads our national Rainbow Flag Award. They are a professionally qualified youth and community worker with a background in local authority LGBT+ youth work. Rachel also oversees the development of our pioneering and bold educational resources. Outside of work, they consider the Eurovision Song Contests as their Christmas Day, and plot all year about how to win the singles championship at the local tennis club.

18th May 2016

Amelia Lee

Amelia is The Proud Trust’s Strategic Director (gets in the money and goes to meetings!). She dreamed of being Prime Minister or Pope when she was young. As she grew older she learned more about discrimination and oppression, and her own sexuality. She became passionate about global LGBT+ rights, social justice and environmental issues. After studying at the University of Manchester, she completed a post graduate Diploma in Law, but was drawn more towards social enterprise in order to make a social change. She co-founded The Proud Trust 15 years ago, and continues to co-lead the organisation. She has been active in local politics and the Cooperative movement, and is active on the boards of The Empowerment People and Voluntary Youth Manchester.  She still looks forward to the day when an out lesbian becomes Pope (or Prime Minister).

18th May 2016

Leia Smith

Leia has worked on The Proud Trust’s trans youth provision for the last 7 years. They enjoy sports, hiking, sci-fi, music and films. Above everything, they believe that everyone should be treated with kindness and have an opportunity to thrive in life.

18th May 2016

Sally Carr MBE

Sally Carr MBE is The Proud Trust’s Operational Director. She has dedicated her life to ensuring LGBT+ young people feel safer and happier in every area of their lives. An innovative and creative leader, Sally is passionate about youth work, informal learning opportunities, and fruit gums. She is a Trustee of the National Youth Agency and a Director of Pride Sports (UK) where she drives the agenda on LGBT+ young people’s access and inclusion across services. As a Patron of The Pankhurst Trust, Sally is committed to ensuring that feminist values are embedded across all of her work.