Emily Crompton

Emily is a keen cyclist and feminist. On becoming a ‘Friend’ Emily told us “throughout my time at uni I always said I would give to charity when I had a job and a wage, but didn’t want to give money to a huge charity who would send me shiny leaflets through my door about the work they are doing with donations – Really I wanted to give to a cause that was local to me, where I can see the difference donations are making. This is why I chose to become a Friend. I am so happy that the centre exists for all the groups that meet there an use the centre but especially for the young people in LYGM. When I came out I was older and confident and had wonderful open minded friends and family, but I can imagine that if you are from a smaller community/ one that is not so open minded and welcoming then coming out would be much more of a challenge and no one should have to hide who they love if they don’t want to! I support all of the services that you offer for people, young and old, under your tin roof and hope I can help by donating each month!”

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