Faith And Culture

Here we explore people’s experiences of navigating LGBT+ identities along with ethnicity, religious/faith and cultural identities. We aren’t one dimensional people, there are lots of different wonderful things that make us whole and sometimes it can be challenging to find spaces and people to explore this with. 

Exploring and navigating our identities can be tricky. Finding out where we fit in the world can be a long and winding journey, with ups, downs, wrong turns and even U-turns. Lots of things impact our journeys, sometimes it’s our own thoughts about who we are, sometimes it’s thoughts from others, and for some of us our culture, religion, faith and belief can present great comforts, but also great challenges to our identities too. 

We created Faith In Yourself (below) to have somewhere to hold young people’s stories, journeys and questions. It’s also somewhere to explore advice in navigating identity journeys as people who are LGBT+ and have religion, faith or belief. Faith In Yourself and these pages we hope, will provide some reassurance and perhaps some answers to questions you may have been asking yourselves, and the world.

Quotes you read have come from people of all ages who have religion, faith and belief. Most of these people are LGBT+ and some are LGBT+ allies!


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