LGBT+ Youth Groups

The Proud Trust runs a number of LGBT+ youth groups across Greater Manchester and beyond, find information and posters about them here. In areas where other organisations run LGBT+ youth provision, we still link in, and offer opportunities to those groups. If you want to find out where your local group is, go to our youth group locator.

What are the groups like?

Every group is different, but mostly they are a chance to meet people, to chat, to learn new skills and to have fun.

Sometimes people talk about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans in the groups, and sometimes we have workshops where we explore gender or sexuality more generally. Other times we do more general things like art and craft, drama, sport, trips or play games.

You can come along to a group to see what it is like, without any pressure.

You don’t have to label yourself when you come to the group. So, if you are questioning your sexuality or gender (or don’t like labels), you are very welcome to come along and just be yourself.

If you come to one of our groups we will not let anyone know you go to the group, and we won’t ever ‘out’ you to anyone. So you can come along to a group if you are out or if you are not out.

I am nervous about coming along! If you’re feeling a little nervous about coming along or you’re unsure of the area, you can contact us to arrange for a peer supporter, volunteer or staff member to meet you.

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