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Exploring your gender can produce many questions. This whole section looks at trans identities and aims to give you all the basic information you will need about being trans.

What is trans?

Trans is an umbrella term used to describe someone whose gender identity does not align or “match’” with the sex and gender role they were assigned at birth by society.

e.g. when you are born, people might assume you are male and will grow up to be a man, but you may identify as a woman or as gender neutral.

So trans might include transsexual people, transgender people, crossdressers, drag queens and drag kings.

If you think you might be trans… don’t panic! The pages in the trans information section will help you, as will the info about coming out and the feeling stressed /depressed page and remember you can also contact us if you need support, or contact any national support such as the Samaritans or Childline.

Anyone can go against gender norms, for example, girls with stereotypically male jobs, such as a mechanic, or boys with stereotypically female jobs, such as a nurse, but this doesn’t necessarily mean these people are trans.

How you feel in your head, what you biology is, and the types of roles you play in society are all different as shown here

TPT genderbread landscape

To download the Genderbread Person, click here


Some key things we can learn from the Genderbread person:

  • Being trans (what gender you feel you are inside), is not the same as your sexuality/ sexual orientation.
  • Biological sex is your physical makeup, your chromosones, genitalia, hormones, etc. and includes male, female and intersex. Gender is how you feel and is not defined by what you have in your underwear! It’s your internal sense of self and includes man, woman, boy, girl, and a 101 other things.
  • An easy way to remember it is that sex is between the legs and gender is between the ears.
  • Being trans does not necessarily mean you will have any operations to change your body (some people do, some people don’t)


What do all the words mean?

There is a good list of the terms used around trans people and gender here


Isn’t trans really new?

Trans people have been around for as long as there have been people, it’s just come more into public knowledge recently so it seems to be very new. See the trans timeline for more information


Are there any famous or notable people who are trans?

There are many famous trans people, you can read about them here

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