Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

The Proud Trust is now operating digitally, as we make significant changes to how we operate in this time of international concern.

All youth groups and 1-1s (face-to-face contact) are not running in their usual venues and are being delivered virtually instead.

Our LGBT Centre is closed, and our training is being postponed or moving virtual.

Youth workers will be sending out Google Hangout links for our group work and 1-1 support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are still here for you and all LGBT+ young people.

Please share this with young people or colleagues where relevant.


Trans At School

If you’re a trans young person in school and college, you have the right to:

  • Use whatever name and pronoun you want.
  • Decide who knows you’re trans, and when and how to tell them.
  • Use whatever toilet you feel most comfortable in, including gender-neutral toilets.
  • Ask for support.
  • Be taken seriously!

Under the Equality Act 2010, you don’t need any documentation (like a letter from a doctor or your parents) to “prove” that you’re trans, and you don’t need to undergo any medical or social changes, to have these rights.

You don’t need to deal with have to deal with transphobic bullying. This is a hate crime and you can report it to school, college or the police.

You can download a poster with this information on here: 

You can also download the Trans Inclusion School Tookit, produced by our friends at Allsorts Youth Project