We are running training in July for BAME youth and community workers to expand knowledge on LGBT identities and experiences and to explore what it means to be a BAME LGBT ally. The training is for BAME youth and community workers in Greater Manchester only.

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Last month we were lucky enough to have seven people run a combined total of 50.2 miles to support LGBT+ youth. Even more impressive is that they managed to fundraise an incredible £1172! A heartfelt thanks to Bex, Dave, Lorcan and the UoM Purple Wave runners and everyone who sponsored them, we couldn’t do this without you!

Levenshulme Pride (June 9, 2017)
The Proud Trust are pleased to be part of the organising group for Levenshulme’s very first Pride event! Taking place over three days in August this community-led event is a positive response to a public homophobia incident in the area. Residents, community groups and local businesses are coming together to put on a celebration that has inclusion at its heart. The next two public meetings that are open to everyone are:
Friday 9th June, 6:30pm at The Klondyke Club
Tuesday 11th July, 6:30pm  at The Klondyke Club

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