This is a collaborative network supported by The Proud Trust and created by LGBT+ youth workers of colour in Manchester, Bradford and London. The network provides a space to collaborate to meet the needs and provide opportunities for LGBT+ young people of colour, and support for youth workers who are LGBT+ people of colour.

Who is it for?

This network is for LGBT+ youth workers of colour. The work also engages with and supports the work of youth workers or volunteers working with LGBT+ young people of colour.

Joining this network brings you:

  • A quarterly meeting, which people can join in person (moves around the country), or virtually, using Google Hangouts;
  • The opportunity to problem-solve, learn and share with other workers doing similar work;
  • Opportunity for you and your young people to attend the national COLOURS festival;
  • A network of peer support from other LGBT+ youth workers of colour;
  • Access to residential weekends for your LGBT+ young people of colour.

For more information contact chloe.cousins@theproudtrust.org.

The COLOURS Network meetings are closed to youth workers who identify as LGBT+ people of colour only. There will be additional opportunities across the year for youth workers who are not LGBT+ people of colour to engage with the network meetings.

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