I.U.K.I. LGBT+ Youth Work Network


This network was created in 2019,  an outcome from The Proud Trust’s national LGBT+ youth work conference. With over 200 people already involved, this network works to bring together people from all corners of Ireland, UK and the Islands, with a vast array of experiences and resources. We work collaboratively, to raise national standards of LGBT+ youth work,  increasing visibility of the existence, and diverse, needs of LGBT+ young people. Our multiple voices come together to find innovative ways to tackle and overcome the challenges we face as a sector.

Who is it for?

This network is for senior leaders and managers involved in LGBT+ youth work strategy, based anywhere in Ireland, the UK, and the Islands of, and around, the UK.

Joining this network brings you:

  • A bi-monthly meeting, which people can join in person (usually in Manchester), or virtually, using Google Meet;
  • The opportunity to learn, share and collaborate with leaders, experts and veterans in the field of LGBT+ youth work;
  • The opportunity to present and share your good practice at our national LGBT+ youth work conference, which occurs every two years;
  • Practical support and guidance about issues and topics specific to LGBT+ youth work;
  • A joint, louder voice to help influence change at national and governmental level.

For more information contact info@theproudtrust.org.

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