Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

The Proud Trust is now operating digitally, as we make significant changes to how we operate in this time of international concern.

All youth groups and 1-1s (face-to-face contact) are not running in their usual venues and are being delivered virtually instead.

Our LGBT+ Centre is closed, if you want to get in touch, contact us at

Our face to face training is also postponed, but some courses have moved virtual. Information on upcoming virtual training, can be found here.

Youth workers will be sending out Google Hangout links for our group work and 1-1 support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are still here for you and all LGBT+ young people.

Please share this with young people or colleagues where relevant.


I.U.K.I. LGBT+ Youth Work Network


This network was created in 2019,  an outcome from The Proud Trust’s national LGBT+ youth work conference. With over 200 people already involved, this network works to bring together people from all corners of Ireland, UK and the Islands, with a vast array of experiences and resources. We work collaboratively, to raise national standards of LGBT+ youth work,  increasing visibility of the existence, and diverse, needs of LGBT+ young people. Our multiple voices come together to find innovative ways to tackle and overcome the challenges we face as a sector.

Who is it for?

This network is for senior leaders and managers involved in LGBT+ youth work strategy, based anywhere in Ireland, the UK, and the Islands of, and around, the UK.

Joining this network brings you:

  • A bi-monthly meeting, which people can join in person (usually in Manchester), or virtually, using Google Hangouts;
  • The opportunity to learn, share and collaborate with leaders, experts and veterans in the field of LGBT+ youth work;
  • The opportunity to present and share your good practice at our national LGBT+ youth work conference, which occurs every two years;
  • Practical support and guidance about issues and topics specific to LGBT+ youth work;
  • A joint, louder voice to help influence change at national and governmental level.

2020 IUKI International LGBT+ Youth Workers’ Conference

Booking now live:

Conference: Saturday 28 March 2020, 9am – 5pm at MMU Brooks, 53 Bonsall St, Manchester M15 6GX. Tickets are £30 (includes fees, buffet lunch and refreshments, exclusive of VAT). Further details in the info sheet.

Saturday evening social: Saturday 28 March 2020, 5.30pm to late at Grano, 49 Stretford Rd, Manchester M15 5JH. Tickets are £13 (includes two free drinks and some pizza, exclusive of VAT and fees).

Meet me at the Intersection: Sunday 29 March 2020, 12 – 4pm at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, All Saints, Manchester M15 6BH. Tickets are £20 (includes fees, buffet lunch and refreshments, exclusive of VAT). Referencing the term coined by scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, this will be a day of activities looking at intersecting identities and the interaction between different power structures, and how this applies to our work. There will be presentations, activities and discussions around this theme.

This year the format will be different as we are running events over two days – attendees are welcome to attend one or both days.

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