Peer Facilitation Skills

We are seeing increasing numbers of schools setting up LGBT+ groups, this is great! We have written some guidance to help with this, find it here. However, sometimes, these groups can lose momentum if the purpose of the group is not established or clear. Through this course, participants will start to think about the needs of the school and the direction that the group should take.

Introduction to Peer Facilitation Skills is a three hour interactive workshop for groups of up to 20 young people where the group will:

  • Have gained some peer facilitation skills;
  • Have started to think about the needs of an LGBT+ group, specific to their setting;
  • Agreed practicalities of the group, such as the name, where it will be held, and how it will be advertised;
  • Scheduled and planned a group marketing strategy;
  • Planned the first six weeks of groups activities.

Ongoing support in the campaign planning and delivery can be negotiated.

Peer Facilitation Skills training can help in the Pastoral Support and Pupil Voice section of the Rainbow Flag Award.

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