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Pride in PSHE

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If you have been looking for definitive and comprehensive LGBT+ specific lessons for delivering to KS3 students as part of their PSHE education, look no further!


Pride in PSHE is a set of six one-hour lessons covering a variety of LGBT+ specific topics:

  • Lesson 1: Gender IdentityIn this lesson we will explore gender identity (and some other aspects of identity), as well as common and key words that people may use to describe their gender identity.
  • Lesson 2: Sexual Orientation – In this lesson we will explore different types of attraction that you might experience towards other people, and some of the common words people may use to describe their sexual orientation.
  • Lesson 3: PrideIn this lesson we will look at the history of Pride events, what they are, why they were needed, and why they are still relevant today. We will then consider our own role and the role of others in combatting discrimination and supporting positive inclusion for all.
  • Lesson 4: Coming Out – In this lesson, we will explore the “coming out” process for LGBT+ people and understand why people who are not LGBT+ don’t “come out”. We will also think about ways in which you can make the “coming out” process easier for the LGBT+ people around you, such as your friends and family members.
  • Lesson 5: Gender Policing  In this lesson, we will explore “gender policing” that exists in society today. We will look at some modern-day examples of gendered expectations and determine who these work for, who they don’t work for, and how they can be easily altered to be inclusive for everybody.
  • Lesson 6: Challenging the “Norm” -Through the lens of traditional fairy tales, we will explore the concepts of heteronormativity and cisnormativity. We will develop an understanding of the ways in which stories portrayed through film and other media often exclude LGBT+ identities, the impact this can have, and how this can be challenged.

Providing you with a lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint to work through with your class, Pride in PSHE is a fun and engaging way to confidently introduce LGBT+ identities and topics, giving the LGBT+ students in the classroom the language they might need to describe their own experiences, and educating the non-LGBT+ students about the world they actually live in.


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