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The Safer Person Project is a course for young people in which builds up key skills in supporting friends. These skills will equip them to be better friends generally, but the course will also offer young people who participate an opportunity to explore topics including relationships, LGBT+ identities and mental well-being.

The course consists of six participatory and engaging sessions, each lasting around 90-120 minutes. Sessions 2-5 can be run as independent sessions. Click on the below links for session plans and resources:

  1. Safer Person Project Course Introduction
  2. Communication and Listening
  3. Relationships
  4. LGBT+ Identities
  5. Mental Well-being
  6. Course Legacy and Evaluation

The sessions are designed to increase young people’s knowledge and awareness, whilst exploring their attitudes and opinions. Some sessions include case study activities, where the group discussing a series of scenarios to discuss and work out what they would do in each given situation, how they would support their friends, and importantly, what other support they would suggest.

  • The course can be delivered to groups of young people aged 13-19, and may be tailored or adapted, appropriate to your group.
  • Groups should contain a minimum six young people, and a maximum of fifteen.
  • If running as a course, the structure is up to you, sessions can be delivered over consecutive days or weeks, or as a couple of full days.

At the end of each course young people can be awarded certificates, and we encourage young people to think about how they might “showcase” their achievements, giving their project a legacy. This might be a presentation to other young people, to staff, parents or other community events. It might be an assembly, short video, poster, art work, poetry… the sky’s the limit!

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