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Many young people say their LGBT+ youth group has saved their life.

You can help a young person living in the North West stay safe and reach their potential. There are many ways you can support us:

Although the legal rights for people in the UK identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans have improved dramatically in recent years, changes in legislation can only go so far. Daily life for many LGBT+ people of all ages can be challenging, with discrimination and prejudice leading to poor mental and physical health, low confidence and isolation from mainstream society.

Young people questioning their sexual or gender identity can struggle to access the support they need; fearful of the potential consequences. Young people who have come out to family and friends may be facing bullying, abuse, familial rejection or violence.

Here at the Proud Trust we help young LGBT+ people to obtain support in a safe and welcoming environment: a place where they can be proud of who they are, explore their identity and make friends with other young people.

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