Legacy Giving in your Will

Make your memory count, invest in our future in your Will

Half of all people in the UK who have a Will now leave a legacy to a charity, and this support helps us and other charities continue to do our vital work.

When might you do a will?

This may be when you start to think about life changes. This might be a significant life event like a civil partnership, marriage, death of a loved one, birth of a child or adoption, your retirement, or even for some people…the first time you take a cruise!

You might be thinking… what will my legacy be?

If you are thinking about doing a Will or redoing your Will, you might be considering The Proud Trust because you want to leave a legacy that counts. We are a life-saving and life-changing charity with a long-standing reputation and a determination to keep working for young people as long as they need us. Your legacy is important. It speaks of what you stood for in life, and what impact you want to have in the future.

Why consider us?

– We are committed to supporting young people, now and in the future.

– We will be managing the LGBT+ Community Centre for people of all ages for at least the next fifty years (that’s how long our lease is for).

– If you want to be publicly acknowledged for your legacy as a way to remember your contribution, we can you do this, at your request, or we can keep it confidential.

– We have stood the test of time as a trusted organisation that has been supporting people since the 1980s.

-You may have a personal connection to us as an LGBT+ person or an ally.

– We take care to ensure we think through our spending and work out the best ways to make a difference.

– Your support sends a strong message of inclusion for LGBT+ people; helping those who often don’t have a voice, those who are marginalised and oppressed. Your help tells them that you see them, that you care.

Next steps and things to consider:

– When will you make your Will? People often put this off for years, but you might want to set yourself a date to do it so that you get it done. If you don’t, then other people will decide what happens with your assets, which may or may not respect your wishes.

– What would you like to put in your Will? e.g. a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate? Speak to your solicitor or a financial advisor about what would make most sense in your circumstances. We can be in your Will within a second, you just need to include our name: The Proud Trust and our charity number: 1161102.

– Have you told your family members of your intention to leave the legacy? Or if you don’t have family members, then those who will be executors of your Will? You don’t need to tell them, but if you feel comfortable doing so then it might save people’s surprise or any bad feelings when you die.

– Let us know, or not! It would be useful to know if you are pledging something to us,  but you do not need to tell us if you have included us in your will if you don’t want to. If you do tell us, you might want to let us know if you want to be communicated with by us, and whether you wanted to be invited to our events. We will never pester you, but we can include you, so it’s up to you how much interaction you want with us. You might want to consider telling us if you think your family might be resistant to the donation so we can help ensure your donation reaches us.

If you do decide to support us, rest assured your support will be used wisely to make a really positive change in LGBT+ young people’s lives .


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