Sexuality aGender – An Inclusive Sexual Health Toolkit (ages 13+)

For many years, the young people that we work with have been telling us that their needs are not being met through the sexual health education that they have received through mainstream education:

  • Lesbian, gay and bisexual young people tell us they feel excluded for sexual health education, due to a heavy focus on pregnancy and contraception;
  • Trans young people tell us they feel disempowered to engage in sexual health education programmes, due to incorrect assumptions being made about them and their body parts, by the subject facilitator.

When we explore the often banded about phrase “gay sex”, we soon come to the conclusion that there is actually, no such thing. So what has become apparent, is that a sexual health toolkit specifically for LGBT+ young people is not what is needed. Rather, a toolkit that enables a broader set of conversations with all young people is what is required. It is this realisation that led to the development of Sexuality aGender – An Inclusive Sexual Health Toolkit.

Sexuality aGender v2 has been launched, and is a fully planned out and resourced four lesson/session pack:

  1. Exploring a Range of Identities
  2. The Sexual Body
  3. What Is Your Normal?
  4. The Dice Game

Sexuality aGender v2 is available to buy through our shop.

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