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We are still here for you and all LGBT+ young people.

Please share this with young people or colleagues where relevant.


Happily Ever After (KS2)

LGBT+ Inclusive primary resource

Delighting primary school audiences since 2014, Happily Ever After is a twist on a traditional fairy tale, that enables an exploration of same gender relationships and equal marriage for KS2 pupils. Based on the book ‘King and King’ by Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland, Happily Ever After started life as a play, and has now been made into a film, with wrap around educational resources.

The Queen is growing impatient. Her lazy son will never be king
until he grows up, gets married and starts acting like one.

She invites hundreds of princesses from across the land, hoping to find
the perfect bride for the prince, but he isn’t impressed by any of them.

Then one day a princess arrives accompanied by her brother…

Happily Ever After Primary Schools Education Pack

The full pack contains everything you need to positively teach about same gender relationships with your class, and includes:

  • Five fully resourced lessons, built around and giving access to;
  • The Happily Ever After film;
  • Further Talking Heads films, featuring LGBT+ young people talking about their real life experiences, further supporting the learning outcomes.

How does this help us meet our statutory requirements?

Happily Ever After is a fun fairy tale exploration of different kinds of people and relationships, and:

  • Can be delivered as a half-term block as part of your PSHE programme;
  • Can be linked to other curriculum areas, including literacy, drama, British Values and Citizenship and RSE;
  • Helps you meet your statutory requirements to deliver LGBT+ inclusive RSE;
  • Helps you meet the needs of all students, including those that are LGBT+, and those from LGBT+ families, in line with the Equality Act (2010) and Ofsted obligations;
  • Is fun and easy to deliver!

Happily Ever After is available to buy now, through our shop – CLICK HERE

From here you can:

Happily Ever After is a joint project with:

Please note that Happily Ever After only enables a set of conversations about lesbian, gay and bisexual lives. For a separate, important, and fun, exploration of trans lives and people, a different resource is available. See our Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools pack.

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