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We have learned a lot over the years about how to best deliver LGBT+ positive education to primary aged children. Some of the keys things are:

  • This is the best time to do this positive work! Children are naturally accepting and lack prejudice, so this is the ideal time to introduce them to different types of people that exist in our (and in their) worlds…
  • This work should be fun, positive and engaging.
  • That children can, and absolutely should, know the language and terminology for different kinds of people and their experiences.
  • That LGBT+ specific education should be separated out – lessons that focus on same-gender relationships and equal marriage (and therefore lesbian, gay and bisexual identities), should be very separate and different lessons to those that focus on gender identity (trans and non-binary folk).

For education on same gender relationships and equal marriage (click the image):

For education on trans and non-binary folk (click the image):


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