Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools (KS2)

This set of resources builds on the success of our book, Alien Nation.

Many primary schools are doing amazing work around challenging gender stereotypes. What is missing, often, is then a further set of conversations and lessons about the existence of trans and non-binary people.

The young people that we work with in our youth groups consistently tell us, that at no point during their growing up, were trans and non-binary identities ever visible, ever discussed. So what they lacked was the language and terminology to help them understand who they are.

Trans and non-binary children and young people exist in our world, exist in our primary schools, so it is important that they’re represented, with positive visibility of others like them.

Supplied as a five-lesson pack, along with the Alien Nation book (and other resources), Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools is a fun exploration of different kinds of people and identities, and

  • Can be delivered as a half-term block as part of your PSHE programme;
  • Can be linked to other curriculum areas, including literacy, drama, British Values and Citizenship and RSE;
  • Helps you meet your statutory requirements to deliver LGBT+ inclusive RSE;
  • Helps you meet the needs of all students, including those that are LGBT+, and those from LGBT+ families, in line with the Equality Act (2010) and Ofsted obligations;
  • Is fun and easy to deliver!

Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools is available to buy now through our shop.

Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools has been developed in collaboration with Hartford Primary School.

Please note that Trans Positive Education for Primary Schools only enables a set of conversations about trans and non-binary lives. For a separate, important, and fun, exploration of lesbian, gay and bisexual lives and people, a different resource is available. See our Happily Ever After resources.

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