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The Proud Trust is now operating digitally, as we make significant changes to how we operate in this time of international concern.

All youth groups and 1-1s (face-to-face contact) are not running in their usual venues and are being delivered virtually instead.

Our LGBT+ Centre is closed, if you want to get in touch, contact us at

Our face to face training is also postponed, but some courses have moved virtual. Information on upcoming virtual training, can be found here.

Youth workers will be sending out Google Hangout links for our group work and 1-1 support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are still here for you and all LGBT+ young people.

Please share this with young people or colleagues where relevant.


Assembly Resources

Asexual Awareness Week – October 2019

How often do we explore the complexities of attraction? How often have you explored the topic of asexuality with young people? Asexuality is not a new concept, but it is becoming a more visible set of identities. In a world where there is pressure on young people to be active sexual beings, how about we validate the experiences of those that have no desire to be sexual, and who experience little, or no, sexual attraction to others…? A simple and easy to use resource, making asexuality more visible, and valid, making the world of difference to someone you work with or know.

Download the PowerPoint:

Summer of 1969 Stonewall Riots – IDAHOBIT 2019

Some events in history are very well documented, others not so much. In the summer of 1969, no doubt the news pages were full of stories of the moon landings. Lesser documented, however, in the June of 1969, a group of LGBT+ people stood up to unfair treatment they were receiving, and an uprising occurred. The Stonewall Riots in the summer of 1969 were the precursor of what we know today as Pride events. The brave actions of a few, changed the course of history for many, forever.

Download the PowerPoint:

Faith in Yourself – Inter Faith Week November 2018

Young people tell us that often people assume that you can’t be both religious and LGBT+. For Inter Faith Week (11th – 18th November) we invite you to listen the voices of LGBT+ people of faith, and think about how you can be supportive friends and allies. This term’s PowerPoint takes young people’s testimonies from our Faith In Yourself resource, to explore faith perspectives on being LGBT+ and how we can understand, respect and show kindness to others, especially when we might share different beliefs.

Find the Faith in Yourself resources here.

What Is The Problem With Football? – IDAHOBIT 2018

Given that 2018 is a World Cup year, our resource for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT, 17 May) takes a look at the world of football. Why is it that there are no “out” gay or bisexual men in the professional game? Why is the same not true of the women’s game, or many other sports? How can this be compared to what is happening in other parts of society, such as schools? Ultimately, we ask everyone to take a role in creating inclusive and safe spaces, for everybody.

Download the PowerPoint:

Anti-Bullying Week – November 2017

Being marked 13-17 November in 2017, The Anti-Bullying Alliance is using the theme “All Different, All Equal” for Anti-Bullying Week this year. We have created a simple to use PowerPoint for you to explore whether we are in fact “All Equal”. Recognising and celebrating our differences can help us a long way into really achieving true, and real, equality.


Download the PowerPoint:


Gilbert Baker, creator of the Pride flag – IDAHOBIT 2017

To mark IDAHOBIT, 17 May 2017, our free termly resource focuses on a person called Gilbert Baker who passed away earlier in the year. Gilbert was the creator of the rainbow or “Pride” flag, which has become such an important symbol for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) community.


Download the powerpoint:

BiVisibility Day – 23 September 2016

For the autumn 2016 term, our free resources for schools and youth clubs take a focus on bisexuality for BiVisibility Day on 23 September. Why is a BiVisibility day needed? Sometimes we can make the mistake of incorrect assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation based on their current partner… Bisexual people may face biphobia from within and from outside of the LGBT community at large. This easy to use PowerPoint resource will enable you to work with your groups and explore the issues that our bisexual friends might face.

Download the powerpoint:

What Is Your Pronoun – IDAHO 2016

This year, the theme of IDAHOBIT is “Mental Health and Well Being”. Our free termly resource focuses on something very simple – the use of pronouns. Your pronoun is the way in which you refer to yourself, often relating to the way you experience your gender. Common pronouns include “he/him”, ”she/her” and “they/them”.

In our society, unfortunately, a person’s pronoun tends to be assumed. Assumptions can be very dangerous!

“What is your pronoun?” – a very easy question to ask.


Download the PowerPoint:

Harvey Milk Day 2015

During February – LGBT History Month – we had the pleasure of hosting Stuart Milk – nephew of Harvey – as he visited some of our partner schools and delivered inspirational speeches about the legacy of his uncle’s work. During this process we were amazed and surprised just how many people had not heard of Harvey Milk…

Harvey Milk’s story is not only one worth hearing, it is one worth telling.


Download the PowerPoint:

Spirit Day 2014

Our autumn term bulletin asks you to “Go Purple” for Spirit Day on 16 October! We have provided you with an easy to follow PowerPoint that explores the meaning of “Pride” and the pride rainbow flag. Will you go purple?


Download the PowerPoint:



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