LGBT+ Black History Month

In the UK we dedicate October to exploring and learning about the rich history of Black peoples and communities; a section of history that is often overlooked, mis-represented and poorly documented. There has been little cross over between Black History Month and LGBT+ History month, leaving untouched a huge gap in our history that we are learning and teaching about.

We have created easy to use education packs, that help you explore the intersections between different minority groups. The packs are made up of a series of bitesize activities that can be used during youth groups, classroom lessons or tutor times, each carefully designed to enable great discussions.

LGBT Black History Month 2016

Our Black History Month resource for 2016 focuses on recognising and challenging prejudice within our communities and on encouraging young people to see their collective responsibility and potential for helping to create spaces where all people feel welcome, respected and valued. The resource features a mix of fun and simple activities to help explore complex topics around race, gender and sexuality; to be used with youth groups, schools, colleges and staff teams too!


LGBT Black History Month 2015


LGBT Black History Month is run in conjunction with Fusion – our LGBT+ youth group for young People of Colour.

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