Inclusive RSE – The Sexuality aGender Toolkit

For many years, the young people that we work with have been telling us that their needs are not being met through the sexual health education that they have received through mainstream education:

  • Lesbian, gay and bisexual young people tell us they feel excluded for sexual health education, due to a heavy focus on pregnancy and contraception;
  • Trans young people tell us they feel disempowered to engage in sexual health education programmes, due to incorrect assumptions being made about them and their body parts, by the subject facilitator.

Sexuality aGender v2 is a toolkit that enables a broader, more useful set of conversations with all types of young people because it:

  • Assumes everyone has a gender, but people might have different ways in which they describe or experience theirs;
  • Assumes everyone has a sexuality, but people might have different ways in which they describe or experience theirs;
  • Assumes everyone has a body with genitals, but that genitals on one body may look different to genitals on another body;
  • Assumes everyone has like and wants, but a person may have different likes and wants to another person;
  • Assumes that body parts come together during sexual activity, but what a person might like and want sexually may be different to another person.

Sexuality aGender v2 encourages a youth work approach of exploring these things, not by telling young people what to do, rather by questioning, and working with information that young people supply in that process – working with them from where they are. It acknowledges that relationships can be broader than men in relationships with women, and that sexual activity can be broader than a penis in a vagina. It encourages good communication in relationships to explain what you want and don’t want, and encourages acceptance of self, and others, whoever they might be.

Sexuality aGender v2 is a fully planned out and resourced four lesson/session pack that:

  • Can be delivered as part of your PSHE/RSE programme;
  • Can be linked to the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum in these ways – click here;
  • Helps you meet your statutory requirements to deliver LGBT+ inclusive RSE;
  • Helps you meet the needs of all students, including those that are LGBT+, and those from LGBT+ families, in line with the Equality Act (2010) and Ofsted obligations;
  • Is fun, engaging and easy to deliver!


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