Workshops in Schools

LGBT+ Awareness Workshops

We have a range of age-appropriate workshops that engage children and young people in a positive conversation about gender identity and sexuality, as well as LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related) identities.

All of our workshops:

  • Are interactive and discussion based, facilitated by experienced and qualified youth workers, exploring the topic with young people where they are with their understanding;
  • Introduce appropriate terminology for a range of identities;
  • Explore the existence of LGBTphobia and what this looks like in young people’s worlds;
  • Affirm the responsibility of everyone to recognise and challenge LGBTphobic language and behaviour;
  • Make suggestions on how to be a supportive and visible ally;
  • Signpost participants to appropriate local support through our extensive network of LGBT+ youth groups.

We can be flexible with workshop length and group sizes to meet your requirements. Examples of workshops we might come and deliver in primary schools:

Relationships and Equal Marriage
Exploring Gender Identity (using Alien Nation)

Examples of workshops we might come and deliver in high schools or colleges:

Exploring Gender and Sexuality
Trans Awareness
LGBT History Month

Workshops in schools can help in the Inclusive Curriculum, Pastoral Support (and possibly Pupil Voice) sections of the Rainbow Flag Award.

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