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The Proud Trust is a youth organisation and we primarily work with LGBT+ young people. However, we recognise that the parents and carers of LGBT+ young people may need some advice, information or support. Below you can find the details of some organisations that can support you.

Arms OUT

Arms OUT is a Lancashire-based group for the family members of trans and non-binary young people. The group meets on the first wednesday of the month in a safe location in Chorley. If you are the parent or carer of a trans or non-binary child and you would like to meet others who also care for trans and non-binary young people, you can contact the group for information on how to join.



Tel: 07788295521

Manchester Parents Group

Manchester Parents Group supports the families and friends of LGBT+ people. This voluntary organisation is run by parents of LGBT+ people and so they understand the confusion and questions you may have and can help you with them. They meet once a month in Central Manchester but can arrange one-to-one meetings if that is preferable.


Tel (Helpline): 0845 652 2674


Under One Roof

Under One Roof is a shared learning group for the parents and carers of LGBT+ young people. The group meets online and is facilitated by experienced workers from The Proud Trust and volunteers from The Manchester Parents Group. You can find out more about the sessions, and whether there is a group happening in your area, by contacting The Proud. Trust.


Tel: 0161 660 3347


FFLAG are a voluntary organisation that run groups for the parents of LGBT+ young people across the UK and in other countries. You can find out more about each of their groups using the link below.


Mermaids Parent Group

Mermaids is a nationwide charity that supports gender-diverse young people and their families. Their online parents’ group is open to all parents and carers of gender-diverse and/or trans young people aged 19 and under. You can follow the link below to find out more about joining the group.


Tel (Helpline): 0808 801 0400

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