LGBT+ Groups in Schools

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In all schools and colleges there are LGBT+ young people. Setting up an LGBT+ group can be a great way to:

  • Ensure LGBT+ young people’s voices are heard.
  • Create a network of peer support for LGBT+ young people.
  • Highlight a safe space where LGBT+ young people can share their experiences.
  • Share LGBT+ issues and history with young people.
  • Promote positive LGBT+ inclusion.

Here we have put together some support to help you set up an LGBT+ group and resources that can alleviate the workload on staff.

How to Set Up an LGBT+ Group in a School or College

We have created a guide that will give you all the tips and pointers you need to help you set up your very own in-school, or in-college, LGBT+ group.

You can find out more about this guide on The Proud Trust’s main website by clicking here.

LGBT+ Groups in Schools Alliance (GSA)

The LGBT+ GSA aims to bring together like-minded individuals who are passionate about making their school fully inclusive for LGBT+ people and equips them with all of the resources and support they need to run an engaging, interactive and empowering LGBT+ group in their school or college.

You can find out more about the LGBT+ GSA alliance on The Proud Trust’s main website by clicking here.

Empowering LGBT+ Young People to Lead the Group

Who would know better about what young people want from this group, what activities they want to be involved in, and how they want the group to be run, than the young people themselves?

We have put together some training for young people to empower them in becoming leaders, identifying how they can bring about positive change in their school, and explore the need for the group and what direction it should be taken in.

You can find out more about this training, Introduction to Peer Facilitation Skills, on The Proud Trust’s main website by clicking here.


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