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Future Transmissions

Keep the transmissions coming!

Every trans young person has their own story; the stories told by our film Incoming Transmissions are just a few of them. We know trans young people are more than just the same few stories that get told over and over in the media—we want to make space for them to tell their own stories, to explore their hopes and dreams, and to show their immense creativity and passion.

The Proud Trust and the National Trans Youth Network are looking for trans young people to create art pieces imagining possible futures for an exhibition in Summer 2022. We’re looking for any kind of art: whether it’s a painting of your youth group in ten years, a film about being the first non-binary person on Mars, or clothes designed for an agender fashion show, we want to see it. What do you want to see happen for trans young people next year? In a thousand years, what will gender look like? Use art to tell us what you hope for and long for, or show us your vision of a future of trans joy!

Our submission period has now come to an end! The Future Transmissions exhibition will open at The Proud Place in September – stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions, you can email futuretransmissions@theproudtrust.org.


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