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The Proud Trust provides the opportunity for companies to support and partner with a progressive, grassroots organisation that saves and enhances the lives of children and young LGBT+ people from across the North.

We are seeking forward-thinking corporate partners to join us on our mission. Will you join our team?
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Why support The Proud Trust?

  • For every £1 invested in The Proud Trust we have a Social Impact Value of £4.
  • The LGBT+ population of Greater Manchester is 215,000, with 430,000 LGBT+ people in the North West – the need is great.
  • Our City of Manchester has been a pioneer for LGBT+ rights for many decades, including being the birth place of the UK’s Campaign for Homosexual Equality over 50 years ago.
  • An improved LGBT+ Centre will put a spotlight on Manchester as a diverse, progressive and equitable city – and will do the same for all of its corporate partners and supporters.
  • On average gay men and lesbians are well employed, earn significantly more than the UK average and have a higher disposable income than the national average.
  • Research shows that LGBT+ employees are 20-30% more productive if they are ‘out’ at work and feel supported.

How can companies get involved?

There are many ways companies can work in partnership with The Proud Trust, to promote diversity & inclusion, skills development, confidence building and health awareness, whilst saving and dramatically improving the lives of the local young LGBT+ population and their hidden struggles and disadvantages. Partnership is our “middle name”. We always work to ensure the objectives of our partners are met, as well as our own.

Here you’ll find a series of useful posters for use in your offices

Benefits for our corporate supporters

We work up a bespoke package of benefits for all of our corporate supporters. These can include:

  • Affiliation with a successful, highly regarded & professional charity in Manchester & North West.
  • Direct contact with our beneficiaries – the young LGBT+ community.
  • Opportunities for employee involvement and volunteering to include working on our allotment site, roof garden and at events.
  • Naming rights and recognition within our Centre.
  • Branding on our materials and recognition through our social media channels, website and press releases.
  • Opportunities to provide information and advice to young LGBT+ people in the Centre.
  • Delivery of LGBT inclusion training and consultancy.
  • Use of our LGBT+ Centre Venue to use for corporate training or away days.
  • Enhanced reputation as a progressive and inclusive company amongst the LGBT+ community and wider public.
  • Opportunities to align with our campaigns link to campaigns to tackle issues such as equality and diversity, homophobia, sexual health, bullying, mental health, social inclusion, youth and education.
  • Regular contact with a dedicated staff member at the Proud Trust, experienced in fundraising and corporate partnerships.


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