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What We Left Behind follows Toni and Gretchen, they have been together forever and are hopelessly in love but now as they start their first year of University in different parts of the country they have to be apart. Toni meets a group of trans students and immediately finds a sense of belonging, while Gretchen struggles to remember who she is outside of their relationship. Will they stay together, or will they grow apart?

Felix Ever After follows Felix Love. When an anonymous student begins sending him transphobic messages and sharing images of Felix before his transition, Felix comes up with a plan for revenge. But this catfish scenario lands him in a quasi-love triangle. The book explores identity and falling in love.

I Wish You All the Best centres around Ben who is forced to move in with their sister after coming out as non-binary. In their new school Ben meets Nathan, and as their friendship grows, their feelings for each other begin to change.

The Art of Being Normal begins with David, a trans girl, who is only out to their two best friends. One day, Leo, the new kid in Year 11, stands up for David in a fight and from there their friendship develops and the secrets they have kept come to light.

Have Pride walks you through the history of the LGBT+ movement. It details the struggles and successes of the LGBT+ community and features LGBT+ icons and members of the community who explain why they have pride in themselves and why you should too.

A reimagining of Cinderella, Ash falls for Kaisa a young noblewoman. While Ash’s stepsisters are excited to attend the Royal celebrations to catch the attention of the prince, Ash is excited to see Kaisa again. But in order to go to the ball, Ash must make a dangerous bargain.

Camp follows Randy, a sixteen-year-old, who is spending the summer at Camp Outland, a camp for LGBT+ teens. Camp Outland is where he has met his best friends and it’s where he’s fallen for Hudson.

Queer, There and Everywhere explores the lives and achievements of 23 LGBT+ people from history. These people lived fearlessly and changed the world, but many of the names you may have never heard of before.


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