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Russell T Davies is a Welsh screenwriter and producer who has been behind many LGBT+ inclusive shows. Russell, who identifies as gay, has produced It’s a Sin, Queer as Folk, Years and Years, Cucumber, and Torchwood, all of which feature LGBT+ main characters.

The Next Step follows a talented group of teenage dancers as they compete at the Regional Championships. The show featured the first same-gender kiss to air on CBBC when Jude and Cleo kissed, but the show has featured other LGBT+ characters.

The Loud House follows Lincoln Loud and his friend Clyde as they find new ways to survivebeing at home with Lincoln’s ten sisters. The show has received widespread attention for itspositive LGBT+ inclusion with Luna Loud identifying as bisexual, supporting gay charactersHarold and Howard McBride, and other characters identifying as lesbian and trans.

Diary of a Future President is an American comedy-drama that follows Elena, a youngCuban-American girl, as she embarks on her journey to becoming the future president. Theshow also features Elena’s brother Bobby who questions his sexuality as he developsfeelings for his friend Liam.

First Day is a four-part series that follows Hannah, a 12-year-old trans girl, as she prepares to start high school and face those who bullied her at primary school.

Breakfast with Scot is a comedy that follows couple Eric and Sam who become thetemporary guardians for 11-year-old Scot after his mother passes away. They soon find Ericand Scot are opposites as Eric hides who he is from the public, but Scot expresses himselffreely, wearing make-up, feather boas and his mum’s jewellery.

ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated comedy horror film that follows a boy as he takeson ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse. ParaNormanfeatures one of the first gay main characters in an animated film.

An animated TV series which tells the story of a young boy, Steven Universe, who lives with humanoid aliens called Crystal Gems in the town of Beach City. The show features agender/non-binary characters as well as a romantic relationship between the Gem’s Ruby and Sapphire.

Love, Simon is a romantic drama based on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. The story follows Simon who is gay but has not yet told his family or friends, and he has no idea who the anonymous classmate is he’s fallen for online.


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