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There are various dates throughout the year that we mark to raise awareness and visibility of different identities, and to remember key events throughout history. We have collated some of our previous assembly resources that can support you in delivering an assembly.

You can find out more about our Assembly Resources by clicking here.

Each year, in the UK, October marks Black History Month. This month is an opportunity to explore and learn about the rich history of Black peoples and communities. The LGBT+ community is very diverse, but this diversity and the significant contributions of the Black members of this community are often overlooked.

Our LGBT+ Black History Month packs help to explore the intersectionality of different minority groups and celebrates the lives and achievements of various Black LGBT+ people.

LGBT+ History Month is celebrated in February of each year in the UK. To mark LGBT+ History Month, The Proud Trust creates a FREE annual resource pack in collaboration with Schools OUT UK and LGBT+ History Month. The four lesson packs explore LGBT+ identities, issues and history.

You can find out more about our LGBT+ History Month packs by clicking here.

The Relationships and Sex Education Guidance for schools states that schools should ensure the needs of all pupils are appropriately met. For many years, LGBT+ young people have told us their needs are not being met by the sexual health education they have received in mainstream school.

Sexuality aGender V2 is an inclusive toolkit that explores relationships beyond those between a woman and a man in a fun, engaging and easy to deliver way.

You can find out more about Sexuality aGender V2 by clicking here.


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